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  • How to book a COVID-19 test

    How to book a COVID-19 test Your GP Practice cannot assist you in booking a Covid-19 test and does not provide Covid-19 testing; this can only be done via the national online booking portal. Your GP Practice cannot advise you on whether or not your child or children are safe to return to school; this

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  • New Pregnancy (Midwifes)

    Blackpool midwifes have now gone live today with self referrals online for women to report that they are pregnant. Women can go onto the Blackpool Teaching Hospital website (the link to it direct is here) https://www.bfwh.nhs.uk/our-services/maternity/maternity-self-referral/ This will then get sent to the hospital who will inform the midwifes.

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  • Prescription Requests

    We are requesting patients do not order their prescriptions early or request extra supplies. It is important the pharmacy supply chain continues, and early or extra supplies will lead to shortages. We will be processing prescriptions as usual. If you do not have a pharmacy nomination please advise us which pharmacy you normally use when

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  • Telephone Lines/COVID-19

    Please do not phone North Shore Surgery unless it is absolutely necessary. Telephone lines are currently at maximum capacity throughout Blackpool resulting in lines showing as “Busy/Engaged” for GP Practices. DO NOT ATTEND YOUR GP PRACTICE. We understand this is a concerning time, however we along with the rest of the NHS are following the

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