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Friends & Family Test

The NHS friends and family test (FFT) is an important opportunity for you to provide feedback on the services that provide your care and treatment. Your feedback will help NHS England to improve services for everyone.

It was introduced in 2013 and asks patients whether they would recommend hospital wards, A&E departments and maternity services to their friends and family if they needed similar care or treatment. This means every patient in these wards and departments is able to give quick feedback on the quality of the care they receive, giving hospitals a better understanding of the needs of their patients and enabling improvements.

The FFT became available in GP practices on December 1 2014 and then expanded to mental health services and community services on January 1 2015. Other services will offer the friends and family test from April 2015 such as NHS dental practices, ambulance services, patient transport services, acute hospitals outpatients and day cases. The aim is for FFT to become available to everyone using any NHS services.

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We would like to thank our patients for giving us feedback on your recent experience of our service.  

Comments from April 2017 Friends and Family Test submissions. (2017)

    1. I am registered with you and also I am a care home manager. I have most of my residents with North Shore.
    2. The problems and try and find best course of action, The Nurses are excellent in what they do and they take time to listen to your problems you may be having. Easy to order Prescriptions over the telephone via the 24h answer machine. Overall excellent Doctors Surgery
    3. A proactive and efficient service and friendly staff.
    4. Although getting an appointment. You are treated respectfully.
    5. Always available and given best diagnose clearly
    6. As with the majority of my last few visits to the GP, none of my conditions were really diagnosed and no sound treatment was offered. Leaving me perplexed and confused as to what my conditions were and how they would improve. It seems to be a growing trend; friends and family regularly encounter the same issues unfortunately.
    7. Because of Sarah Beatwell
    8. Because staff are helpful friendly and polite.
    9. Because the nurse donna fern could not have been more helpful efficient and caring
    10. Because the service I received today from the diabetic nurse was very good, apart from that I had a wait of 15 mins which was unavoidable.
    11. Can usually speak to doctor on phone same day if. Any get an appointment
    12. Caring pleasant and efficient treatment each visit put me at ease and I feel at ease knowing I’m being looked after.
    13. Doctor Taylor listened and put me at ease when l was going through a bad time in Jan .There have been two follow ups since then .That is what l call a caring Doctor.
    14. Generally a good service with explanations for action taken
    15. I came in for a problem and thought that i would kill 2 birds with one stone but the doctor wouldn’t issue me with my prescription of contraceptive at the same time, although he gave me 1month i do not understand if he can print me 1 month why couldn’t he have given me my normal 6months, it makes no sense, now I’ve got to come and waste the time of a nurse to get more pills, he was 15mins late on my appointment and I was only in with him for 5 so he clearly could have done this for me.
    16. I have always had good service from both the doctors and nurses I have seen at this practice and find the receptionists to be helpful
    17. It was the quick and alert thinking of Dr Ted Furniss that probably saved my life from an aggressive cancer. Therefore I will always be grateful for the care I have received from North Shore Surgery. Kind regards
    18. It would have been a lot lower except for the excellent care of the doctor, but having to wait 17 days for an appointment is ridiculous
    19. Just satisfied
    20. Just so efficient
    21. Never have any problems getting appointments have found all staff to be friendly and helpful.
    22. Not had any problems good service helpful receptionists
    23. Only had to wait 3 days for blood test and review appointment. In addition good time keeping at the surgery
    24. Sorry but your service there is fabulous and I have said so for a long time so well done??
    25. The doctors are very efficient and treat patients well.
    26. The main problem is the long waiting times for appointments
    27. The nurse was reassuring and made me feel at ease
    28. The reception staff are very helpful and friendly. Nurses are efficient. I’ve had to wait 3 weeks for a G.P appointment which I feel is too long.
    29. The service was good
    30. Very friendly, doctors listen to you and don’t rush you during your appointment.
    32. Well organised little waiting time
    33. Whilst I find the doctors keen to listen to my problems and helpful in trying to resolve them, the length of time you have to wait to get an app to see a doc is terrible.
    34. You are a friendly, helpful and caring practice. Thank you.
    35. The receptionist are arrogant and rude. The length of time it took for me to get an appointment for the person I care for was ridiculous and the whole appointment was useless.
    36. I have received excellent and sympathetic treatment for the past 6 years – Dr Ajimal.
    37. I think the staff are very good.
    38. The staff are great.
    39. I feel I have been treated very well.
    40. Excellent Service, especially Helen.
    41. Well supported by GPs and nurse with medication conditions and treatment given.
    42. Good service, nice to be cared for and health care top notch.
    43. Good service – Friendly staff, listen to what you need.
    44. Friendly staff, I get appointments quick.
    45. Good service, polite and respectful staff.
    46. Friendly knowledgeable staff.
    47. Quick service, friendly staff. Appointment straight away when needed.
    48. Very help, courteous at all times and polite. Good listeners.
    49. Extremely helpful and friendly.
    50. It is very friendly and welcoming place, you feel much better once leaving and are left reassured with any matter.
    51. Best doctors.

Comments from March 2017 Friends and Family Test submissions. (2017)

    1. Efficient & Pleasant.
    2. So King.
    3. Efficient & Pleasant handling.
    4. Good service, quick response to problem.
    5. Very good & very kind of your loving care for me. Thank you & god bless.
    6. RE: Sr Laura Brooks. Good sister, knowledgeable on her area of health, experience & compassion.
    7. The doctors seem to have no responsibility for appointments or care?
    8. The nurse is very beautiful.
    9. The nurse is always brill and friendly.
    10. The doctors always have for you. The rest of the staff are always helpful.
    11. Due to the reception staff here so polite and professional with all information provided.
    12. Helpful and friendly reception.
    13. Nice staff, nice doctors, nice place – Nice!
    14. I want to acknowledge PN Debbie Fish – She made my appointment today so easy and massively reassured me. Superb customer care. Thank you Debbie.
    15. Very helpful and really appreciate all the doctors and staff. Dr Hanif is 5 Star.
    16. Very helpful.
    17. Prompt, pleasant – informative consultation.
    18. Generally efficient.
    19. Happy friendly staff.
    20. Always very attentive, helpful, never too much trouble to give advice.
    21. Very helpful and caring staff. Efficient service at all times.
    22. They are all very nice and kind in every way and I make them all laugh.
    23. Appointment on time, really friendly.
    24. As nice as the Dr was just feel fobbed off by given a printout of some exercises and anti inflammatories and sent on my way.
    25. Because the nurse I saw Laura was very competent and professional and polite.
    26. Been with the surgery for 20 years had no reason for any complaints seen on time for appoints very satisfied.
    27. Caring attitude.
    28. Doctor very impressive and reception squeezed me in for tests same morning very good.
    29. Dr Taylor was attentive and thorough. He asked lots of questions and I really felt that my complaint was fully investigated.
    30. Efficient and friendly nurses.
    31. Excellent Services.
    32. Friendly and helpful staff.
    33. Friendly helpful staff. Appointments usually on time.
    34. Friendly staff, friendly receptionist & midwife. Excellent waiting room, clean and comfortable.
    35. I did not know how to read one so 2 was nearest I real meant one
    36. I don’t feel as though I’ve been helped with my problem at all. Just given another prescription for tablets. I was under the impression I was going to have some tests done. I’ve been off work for 3 weeks and signed of again for another 2.
    37. I got fitted in on the same day by very polite and helpful reception staff. The nurse was welcoming and made me feel at ease. Very professional team as ever.
    38. I received good patient care off the lovely nurse. I was seen promptly and on time. I was made to feel relaxed and at ease. Thank you.
    39. I think the feedback and follow up on test results is poor
    40. I was referred on mon 6th of March by DR, had an appointment by 14th to see consultant for lump on my neck, amazing.
    41. I was seen on time. The verbal exchanges between myself and the nurse were answered in an informative and polite manner. I was made to feel valued and not just another patient.
    42. It takes too long to get an appointment.
    43. My appointment was on time, my nurse Sarah Beatwell was tentative to my needs and made me feel very relaxed. She made me feel like she really cared about my health.
    44. Nurses very professional and reassuring.
    45. Reception staff are unfriendly and unhelpful. They always have an attitude when you speak to them on the phone and face to face they speak to you like you are rubbish. Looking to change surgery as these are terrible.
    46. Reliable, friendly and very helpful.
    47. Seen promptly by a Dr who took me seriously and then I got a blood test straight away.
    48. Short wait for appointment, professional help.
    49. Staff are efficient and discreet doctors have time to listen pharmacy same too
    50. The doctor I saw was very good, thorough in history taking and examination, empathetic in his responses, and reasonably detailed in explanations and advice, very professional. The fact that my husband had to take time off work to enable me to get any help from my GP, and that I was forced to sit amongst many other patients in the waiting area, while I am coughing uncontrollably is ridiculous and wrong. So, extremely poor service by the surgery, very good service by this trainee doctor. Thank you for asking.
    51. The doctors are great except getting an appointment quickly x The only problem with your text service asking questions and expecting a reply is that you send the text from one number but we cannot reply to the number you send it from, we have to memorise the number in the text and write it out. Most people cannot be bothered with this x
    52. The nurse I saw was excellent; she put my mind at rest and was extremely caring.
    53. The staff were lovely and very helpful.
    54. The treatment I was given was very good and did not take long.
    55. “They! Being all the staff from reception nurses, and most of all the doctors They all have compassion most of them have understanding and thoughtfulness and they treat you like a human being who is there for help.”
    56. Timely and listening
    57. Very accessible and always very caring and friendly
    58. “Very difficult to get an appointment. Normally have to wait in excess of ten days. The first available appointment for my diabetic review is early June. Telephone appointments are like gold have been quoted up to three weeks”
    59. Very efficient reception staff, good clean and spacious waiting area and examination rooms,
    60. Very helpful staff and nothing is too much trouble
    61. Very thorough consultation
    62. Impossible to get an appointment and the doctors are clueless.
    63. No it’s terrible .
    64. Yes this practice has improved so much for 2017. Well lead, informative staff.

Comments from February 2017 Friends and Family Test submissions. (2017)

    1. Really nice friendly staff so helpful
    2. The doctor I saw is very understanding and listens and the receptionists are very good too
    3. Staff are pleasant doctors take their time and listen.
    4. The new doctor was great, didn’t rush me and was very kind and very thorough
    5. Nice doctor, staff helpful thank u
    6. Very good receptionists always helpful. Also doctors are good and spend time with you.
    7. I have always received good attention in a courteous manner
    8. Friendly and helpful attention to detail
    9. The Dr. Was kind and he treated me with respect
    10. Efficient
    11. The doctor was really nice he listened to me and had a good chat
    12. Nurse Adele Kirkby very professional and gave excellent health advice
    13. Availability of Appointment and friendliness of the Staff.
    14. Main reason the Doctors treat me as a person not a No. They listen to what is being said and this is so important to a patient. l would recommend North Shore Practice to anyone.
    15. I was seen promptly & treated with respect
    16. It’s relatively easy to get an appointment, normally seen on time, staff are all very friendly – put you at ease and you feel as if you are being cared for.
    17. “I find the whole experience of making and attending appointments as simple as can be.
    18. All the staff are very professional – friendly – kind and polite. I could not ask for anything more.”
    19. Staff are always helpful, very pleasant and just generally wonderful. I have been a patient since 1998 and have never had any issues.
    20. North shore surgery has a great, helpful, set of professional staff always able to help when required, I would always be in safe hands and happy to trust them.
    21. I’ve been looked after by the staff at N S S for some years. I’ve have medical conditions which require monitoring. I have suffered gall stones. With al
    22. Didn’t wait too long. Very helpful GP. parking is a nightmare though
    23. Very good all round staff and they are very helpful.
    24. Polite courteous staff and normally easy access to a doctor when necessary.
    25. Efficient reception staff and a full range of services which support the medical staff.
    26. everyone at the practice have always been helpful and professional
    27. Because I have had good treatment since I joined you and I have also recommend 2 of my friends who have joined you
    28. They see you quick if your early
    29. My recent visits with my problem and the doctors that have seen me are getting down to the problem ( lady Doctors ) have been good and to day I have seen Dr Taylor very nice and polite he made me at ease in the surgery .Top Man
    30. Very helpful and lovely staff
    31. I was happy with the service I received from my gp and reception
    32. In the past I have been given medications that don’t work. Even though I have in the past said this to the GP I still get encouraged to take it. I do still take epilim but I don’t think they work still. Overall I do really like the surgery and they are overall very helpful
    33. Questions answered Appt on time Pleasant dr
    34. Because it was only a medication review but handled professionally
    35. I like the individual doctors but would like to be able to get a quicker appointment.
    36. Excellent unhurried consultation with gps very thorough also.
    37. I am not happy that XXX XXX, has not been re assessed by a Psychiatrist. It is approx. 5 years since he has been dealt with by a mental health medical specialist. Social services are not qualified to diagnose??? I am prepared to pay for this if necessary.
    38. Appointment was late by 15mins not told there was a delay.

Comments from January 2017 Friends and Family Test submissions. (2017)

    1. All staff are helpful and look after patients well throughout the year
    2. Always get excellent service. I hope it continues after Doctor Furness retires from the practice.
    3. Because there gave me a lot of care and attention
    4. Because you have to wait too long for an appointment.
    5. Been with this surgery many years and have always been treated with dignity and respect. Very friendly and professional staff.
    6. Can never get an appointment. Never the same doctor. Always being left to felt as though I have wasted your time!
    7. Customer care
    8. Debbie fish was extremely friendly and professional
    9. Difficult getting appointment. Called for evening appointment in morning at approx. 8.50. Told not released. Called again at 11.35 – too early. Called at 12.25 got an appointment for evening. But seen quickly and felt helped by Dr.
    10. Dr Furniss is a legend!
    11. “Efficient As I only registered with them this week and managed to get me an appointment with my new doctor Polite and professional Receptionists’
    12. I’d also like to add that on seeing my new doctor I did not feel rushed, was made to feel at ease and was ask more questions about my symptoms than I was expecting which is quite comforting”
    13. Excellent service. Dr. Taylor is a wonderful understanding Doctor, very professional and friendly. Reception staff greets you with a warm welcome.
    14. Felt listened to, diagnosis and action reasons explained to me allowing comment and questions. Action taken.
    15. Friendly staff and I consider that all consultations have been dealt with promptly.
    16. Good contact and kept well informed.
    17. Good service
    18. Helpful dr.
    19. I felt listened too and advised whilst being told the door is open in case of further problems and not just ushered away
    20. I find it very difficult to make an appointment inside 7days. As I have leukaemia and a very low immune system I end up going to the walkin centre
    21. I got really good service from the surgery
    22. I have never had a problem with any aspect of my dealings with the surgery.
    23. I made the appointment on line based on the surgeries info about the different doctor’s specialised areas. Dr Teh was brilliant for me and my problem. He explained at a level I could understand what was going on and his manner was lovely, very friendly, approachable and professional, I was really glad I finally got round to going to the doctors.
    24. I think both doctors and nurses always seem to go that extra length to get it right.
    25. I was able to see the doctor of my choice within a week.
    26. I was seen promptly, Dr Ajimal listened to me and explained what she was seeing and gave me scripts for what I needed – a very easy experience!
    27. It is conveniently located with ample parking. The phone in or online Appointment system means you can usually get an appointment swiftly. All the staff are very professional. If a prescription is issued it is dispensed on the premises at the onsite pharmacy.
    28. It’s always so calm here. Impressive service.
    29. “My issue is not with North Shore Surgery as a whole but with the GP I saw, Abid Hanif, I don’t go to see GPs frequently but when I do there’s a good reason, I explained I’d been having severe pains in my stomach and that the pains were more frequent also that I had looked up my symptoms and they indicate ulcer, I also told him my there was a history of stomach and other cancers in my family. I felt that some of the comments I and my wife ( who was present) made were not only not listened to but were dismissed and the main reason I attended the GPs surgery, an increasing series of pains in my stomach, that I’m finding more difficult to live with and control, has not been dealt with and left undiagnosed. I understand I have been referred to the genetics department at Manchester and I understand the reasons for this however I am still suffering with symptoms that are not being investigated. I am going to make a further appointment, to see a different GP and hopefully the issue will be addressed.”
    30. No reason. Just not well
    31. Over a week for a doctor’s appointment
    32. “Rude, incompetent, unhelpful reception staff & telephonists.
    33. Also not enough nurses working at the surgery!”
    34. Some receptionists are very helpful and understanding. Some of them are very rude and not prepared to help you what so ever. I would also prefer to see the same doctor each time without having to book 3 weeks in advance.
    35. The doctor’s nurses and receptionists are amazing! Very helpful and so friendly! Best surgery we’ve been with and we’ve moved about a bit
    36. The only reason I didn’t give a 1 was because of the time you have to wait to actually get an appointment, you could be dead before you get an appointment with at least a 2 to 3 week wait!!!
    37. The staff are marvellous, but the system of getting an appointment is very difficult, due to external pressures I imagine. Hence I can’t give the top score that I would want to.
    38. The staff were extremely helpful and good with my little boy.
    39. The surgery always answer the phone in good time and are always helpful. Emergency appointments for that day are always available and triage services are available which is all good and convenient. Actual waiting times are generally good but have been poor but that has to be expected. Waiting times for normal appointments can be lengthy but again I suppose that has to be expected
    40. The surgery is a great surgery but sometimes you can’t always get in when u need to. When the receptionists say to ring back at 8 in the morning u find by the time you do get to speak to reception ladies all the appointments have usually gone. Or why I would class as emergency is not always the case. It just seems you are fobbed off sometimes
    41. There is a high level of both professionalism and care, which helps if you are nervous also the staff take time to listen and are kind in dealing with older people and high quality care.
    42. Very helpful and understanding and accommodating
    43. Went there when my doctors closed and I had to find a new surgery. Very disappointed but the other one in Moor Park is worse after reading their reviews. Doctors at North Shore Surgery look at us if you are lying and after a sick note. I have never want one in my life and all they say is have a week of and rest tell them to start living in real world.
    44. Went to see nurse re: asthma check but she quickly and kindly handled other symptoms. Subsequently seeing dr who was equally professional and kind.
    45. What I mean is, we have no friends here or Family… They all live in Hyde.
    46. Nurses and doctors always courteous and helpful.
    47. Trying to get an appointment!

Comments from December 2016 Friends and Family Test submissions. (2016)

  1. I saw my GP yesterday the consultation was excellent. The Doctor listens I never feel rushed they explained everything to me in a way that I could understand. I felt like they really cared about my health conditions they and the Practice staff are a credit to the NHS of which they should be proud of. They always shake your hand when leaving opens the door for me. The reception staff are excellent and friendly too the practice is clean and modern with disabled facilities and a lift. I have always been able to have a Doctor ring back the same day and seen if necessary.
  2. Very Happy, a nice warm welcome and lovely pleasant staff.
  3. Doctors and Nurses are brilliant, caring, have time and good Patient relationships. Reception staff are awful. Short tempered. Make you feel like you are wasting their time.
  4. I don’t like the way I was treated by Dr xxxxxxx. He was arrogant.
  5. Receptionist, Lily, what a lovely person, lovely manner, has patience and makes time. Goes out of her way 10 out of 10. Doctor putting phone down on me, being told my time was up even though I had shingles, being told to make another appointment, I could go on.
  6. Because it’s good.
  7. Well informed by a pleasant Doctor
  8. The Doctors are thorough and professional. The only problem I have, however, is getting an appointment. x
  9. No consistency with Receptionist staff, poor communication, had wrong results for my 2 year old son twice and difficult to get an appointment in less than 2 weeks.
  10. Low waiting time all staff been helpful.
  11. Doctor was late. No apology. I felt I had wasted my time he did not really listen to me. Was only in 2 mins then shown the door.
  12. Dr Taylor very caring and listens to problem. Did not have long to wait.
  13. We have been served quickly and get lots tips regarding asthma.
  14. They seem to be a well organised practice with ample personnel to cater for a patients needs.
  15. I gave a 1 but want to change it to a 3 because you have to wait about 2 weeks for an appointment! I think the Drs and Reception staff are nice and friendly. I have not been with North Shore practice a long time but I am more satisfied with this practice than the last one I was with.
  16. The Nursing staff I deal with are very helpful and pleasant.
  17. Awful Doctors who don’t care. Worst Doctors surgery I have ever had. Can’t wait to change.
  18. Your response to my symptoms was excellent.
  19. Because of the way I was treated by a Doctor at my last appointment.
  20. Simple quick process from booking appointment to seeing nurse and information discussed.
  21. Doctors and Medical are really thorough and follow through on things. Only concern I have is the length of time you wait to get an appointment.
  22. Easy, pleasant, helpful.
  23. GP very thorough.
  24. Dr took time to listen to what I said and as a follow up appointment I found everything I needed to know and needed to do explained simply and why.
  25. Fastest appointments, quality service, respectful treatment.
  26. I feel that the surgery deserves a 2 because I always manage to get an appointment. It doesn’t deserve a 1 because their prescription service can be unpredictable and some of the receptionists can be very patronising. I also dislike having to see a different GP for every appointment. I like to see the same one so they understand the background a bit more.
  27. The nurses that administered my daughter’s injection were lovely. Explained everything well and reassured us.
  28. I feel like I am not a patient just a number.
  29. Waiting times are the worst I have ever known. Never the same Doctor. Prescriptions always late, Morrissons have even said how difficult it is to deal with your surgery. After Christmas my family and I will more than likely be leaving.
  30. The service and care we get form this surgery is excellent. Only one small problem is whoever deals with the prescriptions. We live by advice and the TV recommends that we make sure that we have enough medication for the holiday period. We had it refused, why should we have to ring and complain about this to the pharmacy and the Doctors and get high rate to get pills and satisfaction. Thank you XXX XXXXXXX, otherwise everything is fine.
  31. I would’ve given a higher score, except that I would prefer to see the same Doctor at repeat visits for my ongoing issues. I have seen a different Doctor on each of my last five appointments.
  32. Due to multiple conditions I have to attend regularly, I always get a caring listening outstanding service, the practice is a credit to the NHS.
  33. I have recently joined Moor Park, and the difference between the two practices is like night and day, since I have been with you the service I have received is first class and I have no complaints at all. Long may it continue.
  34. Always courteous staff on the phone and at the surgery. Doctors are attentive and will explain treatment and conditions when asked. No complaints.
  35. Matters are dealt with in a professional manner.
  36. Ease of access. Polite and friendly staff.
  37. It’s because all the help and care by everyone I see or speak to I feel is second to none.
  38. I have no problems with North Shore Surgery and it is easy for me to arrange appointments, getting my prescriptions and staff is very supportive.
  39. Friendly and responsive staff, doctors and nurses.
  40. Expert care so far.

Comments from November 2016 Friends and Family Test submissions. (2016)

  1. Because it’s really hard to get an appointment whenever you need one and I think it’s frustrating sometimes you have to ring at 8am to get an appointment for that day, I’ve had to wait a month for an appointment with a Nurse.
  2. Always been good to me.
  3. Poor history taking from the Doctor although interventions were made and I did receive an appointment at short notice.
  4. Nurse friendly and approachable.
  5. Very effective and efficient.
  6. Staff always patient and approachable.
  7. I always feel as though I matter. Always listened to and dealt with in a very professional yet friendly manner. All the Dr’s understand both physical and emotional health and I do believe that their attitude towards patients is exceptional. Lovely surgery with excellent staff. Would always recommend.
  8. To be honest would like to so speak to u on the phone not vry good to write I’m not English.
  9. Very efficient and courteous staff in modern excellent health centre. Doctors and Nurses are second to none.
  10. Does what it says on the tin.
  11. Quick, friendly service and the building was very clean.
  12. My repeat meds never come together.
  13. If I need, appointments are possible, as soon as with the availability. Receptionists are very considerate and kind to find appointment according to requirements. When in need of information, never reluctant to go to the maximum available hierarchy position to help find required info. When in need of altered drugs or additional amounts in repeat prescriptions especially for my children, everything is always considered so far. Thanks and well done.
  14. Very friendly and pleasant Desk staff and Doctors and Nurses.

Comments from October 2016 Friends and Family Test submissions. (2016)

  1. Don’t think do that bad a job NHS/but too much death, Dodgy Doctors. NS Surgery are good.
  2. Other than Nurses most of my encounters with other staff, especially the Doctors has been bad. The Doctors seem distant, superior and more often get things wrong.
  3. Very responsible! Great Staff and Doctors/Nurses understandable.
  4. Always get an appointment when urgent and needed.
  5. Friendly and Professional, knowledgeable and reassuring, 1st class service. (Sarah Asthma Nurse Prescriber).
  6. Always had good treatment no matter who I’ve seen.
  7. I feel completely comfortable with the people who provide my healthcare, they are easy to talk to, understanding but firm, knowledgeable with a friendly manner.
  8. All the staff Medical, civil are helpful and friendly.
  9. I think the Doctors, Nurses and Reception Staff are brilliant, it’s just impossible to get an appointment. I think children and the elderly should be priorities. Apart from struggling to get seen I have no other complaints about the surgery.
  10. First class competent service with a friendly attitude.
  11. Not able to get an appointment within a week with any Doctor.
  12. Most of the time service I have received has been very satisfactory.
  13. Dr Michael Taylor was a breath of fresh air and gave me some very helpful information on a difficult problem I have. Very happy with him.
  14. The practice makes me feel that they care about me as an individual.
  15. Get time for appointments OK and staff pleasant.
  16. Doctors are always willing to listen and give ideas to help yourself rather than give out prescriptions if not needed. Clean and tidy premises. Online appointments and prescription ordering. Friendly Reception staff.
  17. In the time we have been with North Shore Surgery, we have, my husband and I, been very happy with the overall service, treatment and Staff.

Comments from September 2016 Friends and Family Test submissions. (2016)

  1. Quick, Efficient, Friendly, what more can a patient want? I saw a Nurse for my flu jab.
  2. Appointment booked for 11am was not seen until 1150 am I had to get back to work at South Shore.
  3. Takes 3 weeks to see a Doctor!
  4. 3 weeks to see a Doctor – This is what happens when you take on too many Patients. Another consequence is GP Burn-out.

Comments from July 2016 Friends and Family Test submissions. (2016)

  1. Very friendly and helpful service from the surgery.

Comments from June 2016 Friends and Family Test submissions. (2016)

  1. Two weeks wait for an appointment is totally unacceptable and staff very inflexible.
  2. Never get an appointment URGENTLY always in over a week.
  3. Unhelpful can’t get appointment when needed.
  4. I saw Dr Aulakh who as always, is a kind, caring and professional. Could not find better care.
  5. TEvery time I contact the surgery I am treated with respect and in a polite and professional manner by every member of staff. I’ve never had to wait much more than a week for an appointment and if a phone consultation or call back is requested it’s usually the same or next day. I really can’t say its improved because I have never had cause for concern.

Comments from May 2016 Friends and Family Test submissions. (2016)

  1. Two to three weeks wait to see a Doctor, reception not helpful!
  2. Long wait for appts. No apology.
  3. It takes too long to see a Doctor, I’ve been so unwell and had to wait three weeks for an appointment.
  4. Over the last 12 months it has got worse. Waiting time for appointments is terrible – 2 weeks on average so conditions get worse rather than being treated quickly. Virtually impossible to get an emergency appointment – you wait for a phone call from a Doctor and that’s about it. No continuity of treatment from a Doctor, you have to take whatever appointment you can get with whoever is available. Simple requests seem to cause confusion for admin staff. Looking at whether to change surgery in the near future!
  5. The Doctors I have seen have always listened to me. It is nice to know I am being looked after. (Name supplied).
  6. Although sometimes have to wait to see GP when you do get an appointment, GP’s are very knowledgeable and easy to talk to. Plus explain symptoms etc. Staff are always friendly.
  7. Travel Vaccinations. Helpful, knowledgeable, friendly and informative. Thank you.
  8. I have always been treated very well and with understanding. If I have to see a Doctor quickly a Doctor has phoned me and filled me in. (Name supplied).

Comments from April 2016 Friends and Family Test submissions. (2016)

  1. Very polite and helpful
  2. In life one should have someone to rely on, and it is good that you can rely on your Doctor which I do. I have recently had a liver transplant and I have only praise for all the Doctors
  3. You listen. You’re friendly, you involve me in the treatment options. I like you xx It would be wonderful if you returned to your premises on Bispham Road. I cannot see the advantages of putting different surgeries together.
  4. I felt the Doctor was sympathetic and understanding about my condition. He behaved in a very professional manner
  5. Sister Liz Jackson, very friendly, answered all my questions, made me feel very relaxed, thank you.