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Update your Contact Details

In order to keep your clinical records up to date and to help North Shore Surgery communicate with you successfully, it is essential that we have have your current contact details. If you have changed your address, name, landline number, mobile telephone number or email address, you can let us know simply by filling in the contact form below. Once the reception staff have received your new details they will follow up with a phone call to confirm that your details are correct before updating your records.

  • Your Current Details

  • Your Previous Details

  • Update Family Details

    Please list additional family members who have also changed address, if they are on our records. (If you require more than four additional family members, submit a separate Contact Detail Change Request).

  • Confirmation

    Please be aware that the surgery will contact you by email or telephone to confirm all information above is correct before our records about you are altered.

    We cannot guarantee that the internet is secure, and the transmission of data is entirely at the patient's own risk. The practice accepts no responsibility for breaches in confidentiality resulting from patients' transmissions. If you do not wish to use the online form, please feel free to contact the practice directly on 01253 957 666.